Pricing & Procedure


Scheduled substances destruction: $250 (first 10 drug entries). Each additional drug entry is $5. Containers filled with more than the total package size per bottle cannot be listed as one entry.

Non-scheduled substances: $3.50 per pound. A $250 min charge is assessed if returning only non-controlled drug waste.

On all scheduled-drug destruction orders, we will destroy up to 5 pounds of non-controlled pharmaceutical waste for free. Each additional pound is $3.50.

  • Registration is free
  • No recurring monthly fees
  • No binding contracts
  • No hidden extra fees charged for disposal

We do not accept hazardous waste as defined by the RCRA or CA DTSC. If your return shipment contains any listed hazardous waste substances your facility will be in violation of federal and state law and appropriate action will be taken.

How to place an order

  1. Create a new account or log in if you already have an account.
  2. Click the “Create order” button to create an order, and specify details for each item you will submit for return. Search our database to help pre-fill item details.
  3. Confirm and submit your order.
  4. We’ll validate your order and send you a receipt by email. You can view all your orders on your Dashboard.

How to ship your return

  1. Within 3–5 business days after your order is paid, you will receive a return kit from us which includes the appropriate processing forms (DEA 222 for the C II substances), and a UPS return shipping label. For all C III-V substances we will email you the transfer information. Only C II substances require a DEA 222 Form for transfer.
  2. When the return kit arrives at your location, please confirm that the details on the order are correct. Fill in the quantity and date on the form for each C II item. The green copy should be sent to your local DEA office (see DEA office locations) and you will retain the brown copy for your records.
  3. Place the substances in a sturdy box, attach the included UPS return label to the box, and ship it.
  4. Far West Returns will confirm receipt of the delivery and keep records for up to three years. Final disposition will be the destruction of all controlled substances through incineration. Upon request FWR will send out DEA Form 41 verification of destruction for all controls and certificates of destruction for all non-controls. All orders not received within 60 days will be terminated and a new order will have to be placed.

For a more detailed explanation see instructions.

If you have questions please see frequently asked questions or contact us.

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